Monday, April 25, 2011


I hope everyone had a great Easter! What a busy day it was for us, filled with so much warmth and love…ah, love family!

Ok, ok moving for the good stuff…My good friend Jenn, gave me the idea for this. Of course, any time I see something made with ribbon, I jump all over it and I am so very pleased with the result.

What you need:
16-inch Styrofoam wreath
45 yards of ribbon {I used 9 different ribbons and 2 different thickness}
500 straight pins

How to:
Cut the ribbon into 4 ½-inch long pieces. A wreath this size will average about 360 pieces, depending on the fullness that you want to achieve.

Form a loopy circle with each piece of ribbon. Your ends should overlap. Place a straight pin through the ribbon, from the inside out, to hold ends together. Continue doing this with all of your ribbon pieces.

Attach your ribbons to the wreath by pushing the pins into the Styrofoam. Push them in all the way. Make sure to place your loops close together so that no Styrofoam shows through. Continue until your wreath is full.

Embellish your wreath, if you so choose. Add a large bow, leftover buttons, beads or anything else that you think would look good. Attach another ribbon loop, using the pin and some strong glue, to the back of your wreath. Use this loop to hang it.


  1. So fun & colorful! I love how it looks like ribbon candy! Saw this at Flamingo Toes =)

    -caroline @ c.w.frosting

  2. So pretty! I love the variety of patterns and colors on the ribbons!

  3. Holy Moly that's alot of ribbon! It looks great! I really love it. :)

  4. Thanks for linking to Take-A-Look Tuesday - I featured you today! - Mandy,

  5. Really nice, and I love the idea. So easy to make different ones depending on the season.

  6. I love this! looks like something i could make!

  7. Love this- so colorful! Thanks for showing us how to do it!

  8. Looks like fun! Thanks for sharing..

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    found you at TTT Tuesday Blog Hop!

  9. darling idea! fun and festive