Tuesday, November 23, 2010

M&M Turkey Favors

Found these cute guys over at The Party Animal Blog, what a cute craft idea for the kiddos for tomorrow, and a great treat bag to take home too!

These can be made in a pinch if you need a last minute idea for Turkey Day for the kids. Another great thing is that they are budget friendly with the supplies being so minimal.

Here is a step-by-step on how you can create tehse treats, and who doesn't love M&M's right?!

Items needed:
M&Ms of course - Fall color mix of regular and /or add in a small amount of peanut M&Ms too.
Brown Netting
Pipe Cleaners - Fall colors, brown, orange, red, & yellow
Goggle eyes
Glue Dots
Small Rubber Bands
See how minimal it is? Simple and easy!

The first step is creating your turkey head. For this you will need a brown, orange & red pipe cleaner. Pipe cleaners are so easy to work with and if you make a mistake you junt bend it back. So, starting with the brown - cute it in half, roll the top edge down a bit for the head. Then take your orange and feed through the head and bend it and cut off excess. Fold up and form your beak. Then taking the red do the same above the beak, but leave a piece sticking down for the snood and cut.

Then take your brown pipe cleaner boday and fold up one more time so it is double and give it a twist. Now take your glue gots and add on your google eyes. Set aside. Next is time to create the turkeys feet. Take a yellow pipe cleaner and start by folding up some toes - make 3 of them. Cut some of the excess leg off the top so you have about 3 inches left. Set aside.

Now cute some 12"x12" squares from you netting. Measure out about 1/2 cup of you M&Ms for the middle. Once M&Ms are placed, close with your rubber band.

Assemble time!! Cut off the excess netting, but leaving enough to resemble your turkeys tail feathers. Then just stick you turkey body into the netting on the front. No glue needed - it will stay there. Then stick in your turkey feet the same way and you are done!! How simple is that?!

Here they are ready for Thanksgiving for the kiddos to have and gobble up!


  1. I love this! Including it in a roundup of Thanksgiving ideas on my blog


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  3. Adorable! I would love to share your adorable Turkey on my blog!
    Have a great week!

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